Necromancy: Receiving Referrals from the Dead-Part 4

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016


I have been thinking a lot as of late. I’ve had a huge case of writer’s block. Not from a lack of not knowing what to write about, but from feeling a bit like my hands are tied or that I don’t have anything worth saying. My goal with these blog posts was to educate, inform, entertain and share the things that interest me. Especially those things that I love or feel very passionately about such as art or magick. It saddens me when those I respect in the academic and occult community feel necessary to attack or bring each other and those around them down. It’s not even constructive criticism, whether or not it’s personal. I know this is everywhere and one must build a thick hide against such things, but it does become quite tiresome. I wonder why I bother with social media and remember, “oh yes, this is how I make my bread and butter.”


I also have been dealing with the loss of a potential godparent who did very questionable things that I in good conscience could not abide. So we broke amicably despite differences of opinion. I wish no ill will and hope they will mend their ways before it catches up with them. There was also a question of the validity of my “hispanic” heritage which now looking back on the matter is quite absurd. I wrestled at night with myself thinking I wasn’t worthy or good enough to make initiation. Little did I know that I would soon come to realize the problem wasn’t me but the church or institution. Maybe I will try again later but for now I think a retreat is in order to clear my mind and quelch the flames of anger. For now I digress.


In a previous post, I mentioned about networking with spirits and building relationships before even attempting any workings or asking of favors. Usually necromancers of old would call upon a dead magician, witch, guru or enlightened master who was knowledgable (Adam, Medea, Solomon, Circe, Hiram, Bacon, Crowley, etc.) in order to guide them and give true counsel in future workings. Texts like the PGM or Goetia / Solomonic traditions still required some form of coercion or pact making. After a pact was made, it was taboo to discuss or disclose the secrets and conversations between the necromancer and spirit/familiar. With this said, I want to make it clear in the case of HPL, it’s quite a known fact that in his lifetime he had a number of proteges/fans who would ask him for advice, guidance, etc. Never was there any such arrangement where everything was to be kept secret between us due to his nature in life. He was very private though so certain things of course will not be disclosed. This may not be the case for every spirit. Some spirits may demand absolute secrecy from you to seal the deal.


This secrecy is not simply to meant to avoid getting into trouble with non-believers (they used to burn witches at the stake after all) but there is also the fact that secrets possess a certain power all on their own. Some beliefs systems found it necessary to maintain secrecy so other practitioners wouldn’t steal your spiritual court. Keep in mind, spirits were once alive and are like us (meaning they have feelings too). They have a say on the matter whether or not they would like to work with you. So don’t be upset if you get a big fat “NO.” Remember also all recently deceased require light, remembrance, offerings, and prayers for elevation (like your ancestors). You can usually tell when a spirit has really been neglected. They appear in darkness and are decayed. Those who are highly elevated have youthful and jovial countenances , are surrounded in light, and find it easier to communicate. They are usually in a better position to help you. Hence why you probably wanted an enlightened master to guide you in the first place. Once you have an excellent rapport with your main spirit/s though they can refer you to other spirits or familiars to help with certain matters more efficiently, easier or faster (specialists if you will).


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