Necromancy: Talking to Shades – Part 2

Saturday, May 7th, 2016


The first thing about working with the dead that you’ll notice is that you’re working with the shade or shadow part of the deceased. Most shades are unintelligent and more like impressions that are unable to grow or move past the point in which they died. It is still them but more like a recording or hologram, with all the energetic imprints and memories interacting in a certain space-time continuum slightly offset from our own. This is probably why the ancients held the belief that the dead could divine the future, since time is continuos and not linear. The dead could see clearer than we ever could because they had a higher vantage point to look from.


Shades are still limited, however. They know no more than they did in life. Depending on how the person died, their experience may color necromantic communications or summons. For example if they were a horrible person in life, death will not have changed their ideas, views, or temperament. There may be the color of regret and a yearning or desire of a goal unachieved, but that’s as far as it goes.

Those shades that do exhibit intelligence (the part we speak to on this plane of existence) have a greater degree of progression and connection to their Akh (reunited Ba and Ka that reanimates the spiritual body). “Akh-hood” is only attainable if burial rites are performed properly and ritual offerings are given. That’s why the ATR’s ancestors are given prayers, light, offerings and love to deepen spiritual connection. When ancestors progress or elevate, so too their descendants. Ancestors (Akh) are then in a better position to help and guide loved ones left behind.


Elevated ancestors are usually able to easily speak to descendants through thoughts or dreams. Ancient Egyptians believed the Akh could influence events and people. They could cause both harm and good effects such as disease, nightmares, feelings of guilt, love or hate, or even insanity. The Akh could be evoked and petitioned with prayers or letters (usually at the tomb or gravesite where the body is held). With certain rituals and prayers, one could also separate the Akh from the Ba and Ka causing a “second death” or as we know it today, reincarnation. The ancient Egyptian view was that you wanted to be in Duat (the underworld) with Ra the sun god and be able to stay. It was beautiful and happy. There was no reason to return back to earth.

So when you are summoning or evoking a particular deceased individual, understand you are communicating with the shade and not the person directly. It’s probably why you hear stories about how gruesome, unpleasant or even dangerous it can be concerning such rituals. Would you like to be awoken by someone you don’t know for some BS you could care less about? That is why it is important to follow certain protocols when dealing with these kinds of spirits. You need to build up a relationship with the dead and with the gatekeepers. I will go into more depth on how to build these relationships in the next blog post. See you there!



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