Being Female in the Occult – Periods, Pregnancy & Sex

Friday, May 6th, 2016


My mind lately has been all over the place. I am trying to prepare for an upcoming class called “Erotic Symbolism in Tarot”. It will be held at the Tarot Society in Brooklyn this May 14th, 2016. I am freaking out – silently screaming in my head, thinking of all the things that could go wrong.

Will I remember this or that bit of academia?
Will I forget anything?
Will the baby be okay with the grandparents?
Will everyone love it?
Do my students know what they are getting into?


I’ve also been thinking a lot about necromancy and the lack of modern female occult writers. I recently had an interview with Spiritual Alchemy Show. I spoke with Astrid on the subject of women in the occult and how male dominated it is. I am slowly watching the dialogue unfold on social media. It’s interesting to point out the majority are white males claiming “that’s just not true.” That’s like claiming there’s no racism or sexism because you just don’t see it or it isn’t happening to you.


I don’t want a fight or a debate. Don’t want/need/have time for the drama. We need an ongoing solution to the problem. So I’m thinking, what better way then to get the best female occultists/writers to come together? Have them create an anthology that other women in the practice can read, enjoy and be proud of. Hopefully, that will get the ball rolling for other projects. Maybe open the door for women who were too fearful to do it or didn’t even think could be accomplished.


Seriously! Pick up any book from either Scarlet Imprint to Aeon.
All the writers are predominately male. Maybe one or two females sprinkled here and there.



Why should we even care about something like this in occult practice?

Here’s an example why I think it’s important as a female practitioner:

The Ambramelin speaks a few times of how you must be a male or a virgin to complete the operation for the HGA. If you’re a woman, married and with children, well…sucks to be you. I discovered during these ceremonial magical operations/experiments with my girlfriends that angelic being don’t care about all that since they see us as one and the same. They see us as “the divine light of the Creator made in his image.” It is one of the main reasons why the beings request we cover our heads during ritual. They cannot look upon us! Specifically, that divine light the emanates from the top of our heads. They didn’t even care if we were female or showing our hair.

The angelic beings also spoke how they rest above the heads since coming down to the material plane is “base” and “unclean”. I didn’t get a sense that they meant we were dirty but that the lower planes were heavy compared to the higher vibrational frequency they were coming from. And none of the angelic beings seem to complain or bring attention to the fact that all of us were at the end of our menstrual cycle (This was not planned for. It just sorta happened. We were worried maybe we would have to reschedule because of this fact). I’m assuming they didn’t since we all were constantly spiritually bathing and doing the accompanying prayers.

During pregnancy, I found certain spirits will still speak to you. If you’re still able to do certain things like healing, divination and the like, this could hint that your child might also have these abilities. Otherwise, the majority of the pregnancy is spiritually uneventful for a reason. You are spiritually protected and closed until after delivery. Again, has to do with being “unclean”.

We happened to also discover why being sexually clean was important. To the angelic beings if you have intercourse with someone, you’re energies become enmeshed causing confusion to them as to who you are and where one person begins and the other ends. That is what they see as “unclean.” They only see us as energy. I suspect this is probably why the enochian entities ordered John Dee and Edward Kelly to wife swap. I think a few occasions, the angels even told them they saw John and Edward as one and the same person and wanted to complete/confirm this union.


Would a male practitioner be able to answer these gender sensitive questions? I highly doubt it. Most of the works out there are made to be abhorrent (if not punishable) to the female gaze so they wouldn’t practice it. There needs to be a new and fresh perspective to the way things are done in magick.


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