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Here we go! #shadowmancy #necromancy #catland #catlandbooks #grimoires #gothbabes

Here we go! #shadowmancy #necromancy #catland #catlandbooks #grimoires #gothbabes

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Lamps just came in. Waiting until the next waxing moon cycle to start this project. #moneydrawingoil #moneydrawinglamp #greenandgoldmagick #hoodoorituals #hoodoospells #fullmoon

Lamps just came in. Waiting until the next waxing moon cycle to start this project. #moneydrawingoil #moneydrawinglamp #greenandgoldmagick #hoodoorituals #hoodoospells #fullmoon

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Just received my copy of The Blue Conjure Codex in the mail. Looking forward to reading. Featuring @ms_ledespencer @grimoiresontape Jake Stratton-Kent including art from yours truly. #blue #conjure #herbs #witchcraft #magick

Just received my copy of The Blue Conjure Codex in the mail. Looking forward to reading. Featuring @ms_ledespencer @grimoiresontape Jake Stratton-Kent including art from yours truly. #blue #conjure #herbs #witchcraft #magick

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Magick happening tonight at the Witch House. #candles #lovemagic #rootworking #honeyjars #witchcrafting #sexmagick

Magick happening tonight at the Witch House. #candles #lovemagic #rootworking #honeyjars #witchcrafting #sexmagick

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Fickle Bitch NecroRomances

I have been thinking… a lot. Mostly the kind that makes you go into a downward spiral of self doubt. Yet somehow I manage to pull my sorry ass out each time. It either involves family or friends to taking adventuresome risks to convince me. Art is always the greatest therapy. For a period of time I couldn’t write. I felt unworthy. Inadequate. Far from scholarly and had no base of credibility to stand on.

Why would anyone listen to me? A friend even told me, “oh you’re not a writer; you’re just an artist.” Listening or reading to everyone in the spiritual and occult community tear each other apart over this, that and the other drained me. I couldn’t take it anymore. So I left. I wanted to write but I felt blocked. I had so much to say but felt constipated with grief. Misha and Jake were supportive. Jake urged me to do it anyway and “not let the stuffed shirts” bother me.

A certain well known occult author came out with his book recently. When I read it, I cried. There was some personal information I had told him, rewritten to seem as if it was about him. How could someone I trusted use my origin story for their own (and more)? Born in thunder and rain? Fuck you! My mother told me that story. I was born during a Diana Ross concert (link here) on July 21, 1983 at 5:49pm EST. This was just another reason to disappear. Sulking like a teenager in her room listening to vinyls and staring at the ceiling isn’t an option when you’re a mom. Vincent’s (my son’s) love has been so delicious. I cannot conceive a world without him now.

So I did what Maddie and Jake told me. I submitted something to Hadean Press. I am excited to announce the painting “Typhon” will be gracing the inside cover of Conjure Codex Issue 3! Looking forward to receiving my copy of the issue. Issues I’m told are being shipped out as of March 23rd. I am currently working on an article for the Gold Codex coming out 2018-19. Already submitted related artwork. Fingers crossed!

I also did something slightly a bit out of my element. I event coordinated a drink & draw at the Lovecraft Bar NYC for the Death-versary of HPL. If it wasn’t for my friends, it would have been a total disaster. The blizzard threw everyone off and we had to reschedule everything. All in all, it was an amazing night. I am still editing the footage for promo and hope to use it to push a new wonderful artistic community here in NYC. Have so many ideas. Wish I could tell you. You’ll just have to wait!




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The wooden honey combs finally came in. The work ahead is going to be tedious… #zoroasterstelescope #kabbalah #divination #honeycombs #astrology #tarot

The wooden honey combs finally came in. The work ahead is going to be tedious... #zoroasterstelescope #kabbalah #divination #honeycombs #astrology #tarot

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Pentacle of Mercury wood burned and drenched in lavender oil. #planetaryspirits #mercuryinvirgo #mercurygoesdirect #Mercury

Pentacle of Mercury wood burned and drenched in lavender oil. #planetaryspirits #mercuryinvirgo #mercurygoesdirect #Mercury

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Mercury goes direct today. Lavender bottle of perfume was sacrificed. Working on next planetary spirit box for client. It was beautiful. #Mercury #mercurygoesdirect #mercuryinvirgo #planetaryspirits

Mercury goes direct today. Lavender bottle of perfume was sacrificed. Working on next planetary spirit box for client. It was beautiful. #Mercury #mercurygoesdirect #mercuryinvirgo #planetaryspirits

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Uninspired and Burnt Out (on my birthday)

Lately I haven’t been feeling quite myself. I have been in a spiritual funk. Between the world going topsy turvy and personal friendships going to hell in a hand basket, I wonder why I even bother to do anything anymore. I wonder if I’m making a difference in the world. Am I being successful? What does that even mean? Am I bringing beauty into the world? What defines us? What legacy will I leave behind? What am I teaching my son?


This has been the weirdest week ever. My son was recently baptized in the Roman Catholic Church. He will probably be one of the last in his generation considering how things are going for the Church. Hell! He’s probably the last generation that’ll ever go through Saint Benedict Joseph’s doors. The event made my family more than happy. It made the family feel whole and complete again just like the good old days when we had huge parties like this all the time. I still can’t believe I am a mother now.


I recently met on twitter this other occultist who seems legit. He is definitely challenging the way I look at things. The conversations we’ve been having seem to fill a void. An answer to the stagnant decay within. It’s been ages since I spoke of philosophy and art history to anyone. It was refreshing but then everything slowly spiraled into obsession. I realize I have been dumbing myself down for years. I didn’t want to hurt those around me or bore people to death. I continue to dishonor myself with polite ideologies and systematic societal programing. It’s slowly killing me having to conform to anything. I need to rebel. The standard of anything is not enough for me. i want more. I require more. I require perfection.


I had a wonderful momentum in previous months creating and launching content for my site. I’m truly proud of the work I have been doing and accomplishing. July has always been a month of vacation and rest for everyone. I should know this by now. I can’t help but complain. I’m a workaholic after all. I long for the beach though. I miss swimming in the ocean and falling asleep on the sand. It’s been far too long.

This weekend, I will sneak away and jump in the car. I don’t care where the road takes me. I just want to ride, smoke a cig while drinking coffee listening to classic rock on the radio. I want to dance like I used to and strip down to my skin letting the sun caress me like a lover.

Next month I’ll be working like crazy but right now…I get to be busy doing nothing.

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Necromancy: Rite of Helios – Shadowmancy Revisited Part 1c

When I got home, baby and hubby greeted me with kisses. I put down my stuff and took another shower to get sweat off me. It felt great. Jason then proceeded to tell me he heard on the news that this particular Summer Solstice is a record breaking hot one. He was surprised I was out there from 12:45pm to 2:23pm directly under the midday sun. Around 6pm Jason left to go get groceries and stuff. I decided once the baby was asleep to start writing my findings.


Then this brain dump happened as I was typing:


light cannot exist without darkness

darkness cannot exist without light

so the lord spoke

praise unto atum ra in the third heaven

light vision voice clarity burning piercing hot dry serenity peace

your shadow will cling to you until end of days

all shall return to the land of shadows where their forefathers dwell

point focus laser zoom in meditate

i am the voice that shot through all existence like a bang separating the waters

he who knows me shall have no fear

ask of me what you will and it will be granted

i am the giver of life

i am the one who makes the barren women wombs quicken with life

i am ray

the beacon

come to me all you children

i know all who i see with the touch of my ray (light)

shine radiate expand

i NN solemnly swear by this oath i make upon this hour to the lord most high to be the priest/tess of light. the giver and keeper of the mysteries.

it is with this solemn oath i bequeath to you the knowledge and power over the spirits of light and dark. when you speak the word, when you speak the names, i shall come and obey. now command thy spirit. command thy shadow with booming voice to obey and serve you.

raise your right hand out. look at it. notice the light on the surface. notice the shadow that clings to you. this is true shadow. the other is false. a projection.

what does it mean to be a priest/tess of the sun?

power and understanding over nature

power and understanding over man’s nature

exorcism of strange spirits from a place

vision of the sun

things that did not grow with you will now grow


What the hell was that? I realized too late that at that moment the rite was not a spell or an operation. It was an initiation into the mysteries and shadowmancy was just one of the things that could be performed out of it. This was a rite of passage for someone entering the priesthood.


I don’t know why it took another six hours for Helios to get back to me or why such a long delay before receiving the transmission. I don’t know if it was me blocking myself, people being around, or what. I do know that it takes light to travel 8 to 20 minutes from the sun to earth. This is my only explanation (and probably a poor one) that I can think of thus far.

I remember asking Helios why he responded, even after I got so many things wrong, like the names and so on. I got the feeling from him that what was important was that I had TRIED. I had put in the effort. I thought, “Surely I can’t have been the only one to try this in the last few hundred years!” The reply was as immediate as it was oddly specific: “Only five, and three were translators.” I was the sixth. I have no way of confirming this of course. Could there really have been so few people to make the attempt?


Looking through my books on myths, history, occult, etc. I was searching for an answer. Any idea really to what happened. I think I found a partial answer. There’s an ancient Egyptian myth about Atum-Ra having a sister-wife consort named Iusaaset. She was the grandmother of the gods. She is described as a goddess of darkness, his shadow and right hand. She was described by the New Kingdom as the eye of Ra. Is that perhaps who I was able to reach? Did I accidentally become a priestess of Iusaaset? We may never know for sure, but it will be interesting to try and find out.


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