Tarot Jam Blog Hop: Using Tarot for Relationship Readings

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016


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My mother in her infinite wisdom and curiosity asked about my blog recently, especially on the subject of tarot. She knows I use my blog as a tool in my business to communicate and reach out to my fans. She finds this “new platform” (really any form of social media) interesting yet alien, and has asked me what this month’s topic was. I told her since we’re entering into the month of February with its season of love, relationships and sex (Valentine’s Day/Lupercalia); anything pertaining to that and tarot would be up for grabs.

My mother wanted me to tell you guys that when it comes to reading the Baraja Española for love and relationships, use the entire deck straight through. Don’t use the three to five card spreads or any short layouts, but the “gypsy spread”. You need to get a nice general feel of the person and their situation in order to understand the root of the problem. That is why the client came to see you. They have a problem or situation they need clarification on. Don’t feel like you are prying or digging too deep. Sometimes the client needs to hear something they won’t like. Despite this, you need to be faithful first and foremost to the cards, and repeat their messages. It is your job to relay the information accurately, not just to tell the client what they want to hear. Remember this saying: “The cards will never lie.” This is not to be confused with releasing the need to be “right.” There is a difference. Don’t feel bad if the cards go “dead” or you seem to blank out. These cards have a tendency to pause and start up again. My mother likes to joke saying, “that’s when you grab a cigarette, a cup of coffee or a bag of popcorn because now it’s about to get really good.” SC

“Okay, but what about the cards themselves?” I hear you ask, “How can I be sure they are talking about sex, affairs, the nitty gritty of the relationship? What symbols do I look for? I’m so confused!”

Don’t worry. Here are some combinations or significators we look out for in a reading:

Page of Clubs and Swords, King of Cups and Ace, Two or Three of Cups: I saw this combination recently with a client. Immediately, I saw a young couple in front a priest getting married. There was a catch though. The cups spoke of vows, promises and even a verbal contract between the couples but one of the lovers was followed by the three of swords and six of clubs. This told me that one of the lovers would habitually profess “love until the end of time” then get cold feet and leave the other at the altar confused. I saw this combination over three times in the reading! This meant this person was likely a con artist / big time player. Children from previous relationships are also indicated by the ace and three of cups together.

One of Clubs and Two of Coins or Three of Cups: Depending on the surrounding cards of course, it’s indicative that someone in the client’s life or they themselves are pregnant. If followed by the five or nine of swords, it indicates a sudden miscarriage or abortion. *Be aware some decks do or don’t have certain cards such as the 8’s and 9’s.

Two cups and Five of Clubs: When I see this followed by a page or feminine looking court card, it is most indicative of what we call in our family “Brujeria”. It means someone, usually a female, did a love spell or infatuation curse on the person, which is probably why the client is being mentally tormented. When followed by sword cards, it is most definite that the person meant to be malicious or even hurt the person.

Two of Cups, Six or Seven of Coins, Ace of Wands or Swords: This combination is just screaming passion and hot kinky sex. Any court cards that follow will tell you who is involved and the motives or intentions behind each person. Watch out for seven, eight or nine of swords following these cards. It’s usually indicative of an affair or someone lying and being deceitful. Five of coin following speaks of either a huge building, hotel, meeting place, hospital, or work place where the lovers meet up.

This is but a few of the possible outcomes to be on the lookout for. It would take a book to list out all the possible combinations and what they mean. You’ll know you’re on target when the client starts bursting out crying or has to have a few moments to collect themselves. Seriously though, there will be times when you know you’ve hit it and times when the client will leave you guessing. I have had clients lie to my face and contradict me during readings. I just cross my arms and nod my head while they finish rambling an excuse. All I can tell you is to follow the cards and your instincts. They know the story they’re telling.

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